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Dear valued customer, container manufactures, depot service providers, and other vendors of UES,

We are very pleased to announce that institutional investors advised by J.P. Morgan Asset Management have signed agreements to acquire a majority stake in the Company (UES Investment Limited, “UES”) from an existing shareholder and have committed to fund meaningful growth capital to expand the company’s portfolio. The Company will be relocated to Bermuda and the senior management team will continue to lead and strategically grow UES.

We are thrilled to have this great opportunity to work with the new investor and believe the acquisition fits precisely into the new investor’s strategic plans to quickly grow in the container leasing business. We believe all of our customers will benefit from such cooperation and financial strength made possible for us to scale. With the new investor’s deep understanding and resources in the maritime industry combined with UES's expertise, we believe that this transaction will create sound synergy and position us as a dominate mid-size container lessor. All of our team members are excited and ready to provide consistent services and solutions to you in the future.

Finally, we would like to thank you all for your support in the past and we are very looking forward to expand our business relationships as we move into a new phase of development!


Huaisheng Zhang, Chief Executive Officer

Date: December 1st, 2021

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