Huaisheng Zhang

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Huaisheng Zhang is founder, director of the board and CEO of UES. He set up the company in 1996 and started up his business as agent for international liners, lessors and investors. Then he stepped into sectors of container leasing and container trading in the next years. He expanded his footprints in US and EU thereafter and acquired growth capital from a fund advised JP Morgan Asset Management in 2021.

Before his career at UES, he worked for China National Foreign Trade Transportation (Group) Corporation from 1988 to 1995. It was the predecessor of Sinotrans & CSC, which was one of the largest comprehensive logistics service suppliers in China with world-wide businesses in integrated logistics and shipping industry. He was in charge of the management over equipment.

Mr. Zhang has devoted himself into the marine and container leasing field since his graduation from college. He went through financial crisis in 1997 and 2008, industry recession in 2015/2016 and Covid crisis in 2020, which made him seasoned in risk response and also brought him a good sense that how to turn crisis into opportunity. Also as an experienced player in the industry, he has accumulated solid relationship with many liners. Especially with COSCO that the company has been supplied over 150K TEU containers in total. Mr. Zhang also has active presence in the financial market and attracted more than $400 million investment on containers from international funds.

Mr. Zhang has advanced study in Management in Guang Hua School of Management, Peking University in 2005 and bachelor degree in Beijing Foreign Language Institute in 1988.