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Average Years of Industry Experience

Senior Management

Huaisheng Zhang

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Zhang is founder, director of the board and CEO of UES Investment Limited. He set up the company in 1996 and started up his business as agent for international liners, lessors and investors.

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Gloria Wang

Chief Financial Officer

Gloria joined UES in 2012 as Chief Financial Officer. She is a certified public accountant of the states of New York and New Jersey in the USA, she has more than 20 years of working experience in the financial and leasing industry.

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Ross Briggs

VP of Strategy, M&A, Business Development

Ross Briggs joined UES as the Vice President of Strategy, M&A and Business Development in 2022 and is based out of New York. Ross is a part of the company management team and manages the firm’s relationships with banks and other capital providers.

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Amy Du

GM, VP of Purchase, Trading, Operations

Amy joined UES in 2000 and is currently leading the Purchase & Operations of the Group. Amy has 30 years of sales and operations experience within the transportation and logistics industry.

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Eric Lu

VP of Marketing, Investor Relations

Eric Lu joined UES in 2012 as the Manager of Investor Relations Department, was promoted to Vice President, Marketing in 2018 and overseeing the global activities of the UES container leasing businesses.

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Bobo Xie

AVP of IT, Operations

Bobo Xie joined UES in September 2008. He started UES as IT Manager and promoted as Assistant Vice President in June 2017. He has responsibility for global operations team and IT team.

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